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westcorphotels > ACT OF GIVING > 8 Chapter Seven: The Things You Can Give

8 Chapter Seven: The Things You Can Give

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When you give, you give something of value to people. You don't give what you know will not of value to someone. You can also give what the person needs. Do not give what you will not appreciate if someone else gives it to you. Do not give G.o.d what does not cost you anything. Things you can give can be categorized as;

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Money: Currency in notes or coins that the person can use to purchase what he/she needs. You can give money packed in an envelope, or through bank transfer and whatever means to reach the person.

Materials: You can give materials such as clothes, shoes, books, stationeries, Kitchen utensils, equipment, etc. that the person may need and make use of.

Food: You can give food to people like fruits and vegetables, raw foodstuffs, cooked food, etc. A hungry man is in need of food.

Drinks: You can also give drinks like water, wine, juice, soft drinks, etc. to people. A thirsty man is in need of drinks to quench his thirst.

Time: You can give someone your time. Spend some quality time with them, you share your time with people you love to play, have fun or do things together with.

Service: You can give people your service by running some errands for them and helping them to do something. Service requires your skills, energy and knowledge. The professional service you render for money to people can also be given for free.

Drugs: Drugs are medication given to people who are sick to heal them of their sickness or disease. You can give free drugs to the sick.

Vehicle: You can give a vehicle to someone or organization or church. Vehicles are a means of transporting people or goods from one place to another such as car, bus, lorry, etc.

Buildings and Properties: Buildings are structures such as house, schools, hospitals, churches, mosques, etc. You can give buildings, lands and properties of any kinds to persons or group of people.

Counsel: You can give G.o.dly counsel in form of advice, information, idea, etc. to people to help them in their situation or to become successful in any sphere of life such as spiritual, health, relations.h.i.+p, business, academic, etc.

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