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westcorphotels > ACT OF GIVING > 10 Chapter Nine: The Rewards For Giving

10 Chapter Nine: The Rewards For Giving

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The Scripture definitely states that giving is good. The fact that people are not to give for ulterior motives doesn't mean that there are no rewards available. While the basic motive for giving shouldn't be for rewards, there are rewards nonetheless for faithful giving. The reward for giving is both earthly and eternal. There is a reward for everything you do or don't do whether good or bad here on earth and in heaven. The scripture says you reap what you sow, the principle of sowing and reaping will not cease as the earth remains. II Cor. 9:8-15 highlights some rewards for giving which are;

You will receive unlimited blessing and help.

Giving is an expression of G.o.d's blessing upon the life of a man. Your blessing increases and become unlimited as you give. You become an endless source of G.o.d's blessing to the people, and you will never lack help both from men and from G.o.d.

Your needs will be met and you will always have resources for giving.

It is true every man has a need but your need is being taken care of by G.o.d because you are mindful of taking care of his people's need. G.o.d will continue to supply all your needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Phil.4:13). He will continue to provide you more resources so that you can give more.

You will be supplied with plenty of seed for sowing.

The amount of seeds you have determines how large your harvest or returns will be. Giving makes the heaven to be open upon you, that G.o.d will continue to supply more seeds and capital to invest more and have more returns. (Isaiah 55:10)

You will be enriched in every way for great generosity.

It is G.o.d's blessing that makes you rich. When you give, G.o.d blesses you in every way and increase your wealth and riches. The blessing of G.o.d will be over everything you do or have, and your life will be more beautiful and radiant that people will see the glory of G.o.d in your life.

Your record of giving will endure forever.

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When you give, your name will surely be written with a golden pen in the sand of time and in the heart of men. People cannot do but remember your impact in their lives and will continue to appreciate what G.o.d has used you to do in their lives even after your death.

You are rewarded for contributing to the glory of G.o.d.

Everything you do should give glory to G.o.d, and when you do that G.o.d will continue to reward you. G.o.d want to reveal his glory to his people, he's only looking for a yielding vessel he can use. Be such vessel and be blessed.

You will be prayed for by others.

When you give to people you will make their heart glad that they will continue to pray for you. They will see you as a channel that G.o.d has used to answer their own prayer. When you have so many people interceding in prayer for you through your generous act you will have greater opp

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